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Our Vision

Lions once roamed much of the African continent, but recent studies suggest that lion populations may have decreased nearly 90% in just one past decade, with fewer than 20,000 remaining in just a handful of countries.


The Lion Conservation Fund (LCF) supports projects that will determine the distribution and abundance of African lions in areas of great global conservation importance. We are committed to supporting conservation and research initiatives to better our understanding of lion behavior, ecology, and biology. We are also working to protect the habitats of these magnificent animals while improving the lives of people sharing habitat with lions in Africa.

Because of recent declines in lion populations, it’s important to study and protect lions across the continent. Lions vary greatly in behavior, social structure, and morphology across locations, making it necessary to observe and survey them in all habitats where they’re found. By learning more about lion behavior, biology, and ecology, we can better understand the regulatory mechanisms affecting them and use this information to establish sound conservation strategies.

Sustainability and restoration using a holistic approach to wildlife conservation

LCF has made impressive gains towards protecting the African lion and its habitat in Kenya within the first few years of launching its conservation initiatives, including:

LCF helped initiate a number of programs to alleviate threats to lions across Kenya through its support of the Centre for Lion Conservation and Research in Kenya and the efforts of wildlife biologist Tina Ramme along with local field assistants, ecologists, and other conservation and wildlife professionals, who are working to reach our goals of sustainability and restoration.

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