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Why save African lions?


As a top carnivore, lions often function as a keystone species, and, as such, play a key role in structuring and preserving biodiversity. Top predators play a role in regulating prey species which, in turn, help shape habitat and plant communities. Understanding and conserving lions, therefore, is essential to maintaining healthy ecosystems and protecting biodiversity.

The African lion is currently listed as “Vulnerable” and “Locally Endangered” on the IUCN’s Red List of Endangered Species, meaning that they face a “high risk of extinction in the wild” and are a high priority species for wildlife conservation. Remaining individual populations are small, isolated, and decreasing. By working with people living with lions, we hope to help secure their long-term survival.

Help save African lions! Your gift to the Lion Conservation Fund will directly support conservation and research of African lions and help habitat restoration programs as well as conservation education programs and initiatives in local communities in Kenya. Join the Pride today.

In addition, your donation helps local indigenous African communities develop sustainable livelihoods that support conservation goals such as habitat restoration, prevention of wildlife –human conflict, and anti- poaching efforts.

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Many of problems facing wildlife can be linked to poverty. People who are struggling to survive often have few options to support their familes and often resort to engaging in unsustainable practices that harm habitat and wildlife. In addition, those who live with wildlife often experience the most direct and severe impacts of wildlife conflict.

At the Lion Conservation Fund, we work with communities to help alleviate poverty, develop environmentally and wildlife-friendly sustainable livelihoods with minimal impact on traditional cultures, and embrace local communities and individuals as conservation partners. We help people, become stewards of the natural world around them by incorporating traditional knowledge with scientifically proven practices. In return, people in compliance with sustainable conservation practices benefit through our many community programs.

Our programs include:

  • Emergency Response Fund
  • Clean water and well programs
  • Building and assisting local schools
  • Building and supporting local clinics and health dispensaries
  • Wildlife Reserves and Gentle Ecotourism
  • Solar Oven Project
  • Emergency Drought Relief
  • Traditional artwork and bead markets
  • Employment opportunities and training

    The Centre for Lion Conservation and Research in Kenya is a community-based conservation initiative dedicated to protecting wildlife and serving people who live with wildlife.